For the good development of
the fetus in the womb.
A dietary supplement product for those who are preparing for pregnancy or undergoing infertility treatments. Developed by Thai reproductive health specialists. Every component is carefully selected to help increase the chances of conception.

Who is PregTab suitable for?

Prepare for childbearing.

Women who are entering their golden years and wish to balance their hormones.

For those who are preparing or undergoing infertility treatments (IUI, IVF).

Increase the number and quality of egg cells, improving the chances of successful conception.






Dietary supplement
for men.

A dietary supplement product for men that helps balance hormones and nourishes the quality of sperm, making it robust and ready for childbearing.

Key ingredients :

- Zinc
- Vitamins (C,E,B2,B6,B9,12)
- Coenzyme Q10

Suitable for :

- Men with a low sperm count or weak sperm.
- Low male hormones.
- Size 30g (30 capsules)

Price is only


Folic Acid




Daytime formula dietary supplement for women.

A dietary supplement product for women, daytime formula, helps in balancing hormones and nourishing egg cells.

Key ingredients.

- Folic Acid
- Coenzyme Q10
- L-Glutathione
- Cordyceps Sinesis

Suitable for whom.

- Soon-to-parents
- Size 30g.

Price is only


Folic Acid

Ginseng Extract

Fish Oil

Nighttime formula dietary supplement for women.

A dietary supplement product for women, nighttime formula, helps in deep body repair down to the hormonal level.

Key ingredients.

- Folic Acid
- Fish Oil
- Ginseng Extract
- Calcium

Suitable for whom.

- Future parents
- Hormonal health
- Size 30g.

Price is only


Per pair
Packaging  30g.
(30 capsules).
3,800 THB/single, usually 7,600 THB

Meets all certification standards.

Reviews from real users.

Lapatsanan A.

Owner at close

Anna got to know about the product Preg Tab through online channels. At first, she wasn't sure if it would really help. She's on her third jar now and can honestly say it has been very good overall. Anna feels that her complexion and health have noticeably improved, which is an added bonus.

Thanakit T.

Owner at LnwX

"I think that Preg Tab M helps revitalize and nourish in many ways. Importantly, every time I wake up, I feel well-rested and not tired at all. I recommend giving it a try with an open mind, like I did.

Apasara h.

Owner at Paper

Dear found the product Preg Tab to be very good for preparing to welcome new members of the family. Dear also tries to complement it by practicing yoga.